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This is a cute little game where you look for rabbits in your garden, and take photos of them. According to the rules, you are supposed to get carrots to attract more rabbits, but I couldn't get any (supposed to appear after 100 hearts and can be given by pressing C). Even without carrots, the game is cute and it's easy to spend a few minutes on it. Recommend it!

easily best game ever made because it got like a bunny in it and bunnies are cool they poop everywhere but they are also very cool when they dont arent not poop ing right now!!!

I absolutely agree. Thank you! :D

this is a lot of fun! thanks for making and sharing

Thank you for playing and commenting <3 


Loved the concept <3 Im living my dream with this game

Really glad you like it :)

I played this - for a rather long stretch! - a little bit ago when I first found it, and here I am dropping by the garden again... super cute concept & game.

Aaaawww thank you! :)

This was a great game! Very cute.

Thank youuu :)

The pinnacle of gaming.  I shared this with my good friends Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, and Barack Obama and they can not put this down!  The exceedingly high difficulty, and underlying message of communism may be a tough thing to face for certain players.  For those who brave the journey, the reward is life changing.


Thanks comrad! And say hi to Tom from me :)

thank you


What do you mean getting to 270k hearts isnt healthy (i love this game)

hahaha :D 

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great game, thank you for making this <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


Thank you so much <3

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So I got "up" to a score of -29566, and could no longer feed the bunnies carrots. Whether this is a bug or not, I love that. Because once that score popped up, I had to sit back in my chair and ask myself why I just spent 30 minutes luring and herding hundreds of bunnies with carrots, just so that I could snap a picture of them all, knowing that each time I did, the bunnies would disappear by bursting into a plume of hearts.

I could no longer feed them carrots anymore. But why was I even feeding them in the first place?

This very quickly went from a cute, atmospheric little pixel game to a "like" factory simulator. Brilliant.

Whether a bug or a social commentary, this game gets a 5/5 from me. And I think I need to schedule a therapy appointment.

Edit: If it WAS a bug - just pretend it wasn't and keep it in the game please.


Haha, i'm sorry :D The "bug" will be fixed in the upcoming update ^^

But i really like the journey you lived through. Makes me see my game in a different perspective :)

This was SO cute and fun. I told my friends about it. Thank you!

Spread the joy :)

this was cute !

Thanks :)


This is a ... cute 'em up


Aaaawww, Yes! <3

I didn't quite understand carrots, but I love roaming around and looking for the bunnies. I especially liked the rare moments I got two of them at once <3


Hey! Thanks for playing the game and putting it on Youtube :)

Everytime a bunny eats a carrot, an additional bunny appears somewhere. So it leads to more and more bunnies in the garden.

the way the bunnies get evaporated into hearts is what keeps me playing this honestly. the sound effect and all is so satisfying. thank u 

Trying to make the game jucy :D

Thank you!

This game is adorable and I honestly can't believe how long I ended up playing it for. You have something beautiful going on here.

What determines how many points a bunny picture is worth? I couldn't figure out if it's random or if it depends on framing/pose/something else. (There should be bonuses for multi-bunny combos!)

Concept: more expensive purple and white carrots that attract purple and white bunnies (for more likes)!

Also I think it would be cool if there were a way to download some of the pictures you take. ;) I could see using one as a background on my real phone.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Actually you get more likes the more bunnys you snap in one pic. Also if the bunnys do things like eating, jumping,... it gives you more likes. 

For the nex version i want to make this more transparent, so players will always know how many like a picture got them.

The idea with the rare bunnys is good, i have something similar in mind for the new gamemode. I'll hope you'll like it :)

About downloadable pictures: That would be a very hard thing to do on the Pico-8 Console that i use for this game. But maybe i can make an actual photomode, were time freezes and the UI disappears, so people can make a screenshot on their phone or computer :)




A little bit disappointed - When you get to around 30k likes, it suddenly changes to NEGATIVE 30k likes, and you have to get another 30k+ before you're back at zero and can start giving carrots again. I did it twice in a row just to make sure it wasn't a random fluke.

That said, the fact that I got to 30k (which switched to -30) then to 0, then back to 30k, (which then switched to -30k for the second time, at which point I called it quits) tells you that I was having a good time. Cute bunnies, relaxing game. The only improvements to be made are fixing the likes-turn-negative bug, and maybe including a "high score" record so you have an incentive to play again and beat your personal best.

But if you're just looking for a few minutes of bunny cuteness, try this out and have a calming time :) 


Thanks for the feedback :)

I never thought that people would play that long :D But I'm currently working on a little update to fix that bug and make the game a bit more interesting for people who want to play it longer then 2 minutes :D

No need to play for too long. Just got to -10k in 10~15 minutes.

All you gotta do is throw carrots to lead all the bunnies in the map to a single spot, then take a photo.

The more bunnies you have, the more points you get, so having a few (too many) dozens of bunnies in a single spot is a pretty quick way to get points. Rinse and repeat until you’re comfortable.

And I love abusing game mechanics to the point the game breaks, so seeing the points suddenly jump from around 15k to -10k was a pretty fun experience. =D

thats cute

Thank you :)


Wait, is it just me or are the bunny sprites super similar to the ones in Terraria???


You are right! Before I started with the project, I looked up reference images of bunnys in the same pixel grid size. There must have been some of Terrarias bunnys between the images. I didn't realize i made them that similar. But i haven't copy/pasted anything. Thanks for letting me know. Next time I double check that I don't recreate some existing design by accident :)

adorable bunnies 10/10 would play again

That's definitely a 11/10 comment :)

THIS WAS SO CUTE I LOVE IT SO MUCH! iF YOU EVER expand it it would be cool to have other animals appear


Thank you! I got some ideas ;)

Extremely adorable! Took me some time to figure out there was a carrot mechanic but loved it nonetheless!

Thank you for playing Sleepy 96 :)

This is super cute! I too got the glitch where it put the number way into the negatives, but the game was a lot of fun regardless!


Ohhh nooo! I'm so sorry :(

But thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway :)

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Really cute game! I tried to get it to go from 0 to 0 in one shot (65536 score) and I went too far and just crashed the game instead lol. Really fun stim toy :)


Thanks for playing so much the game crashed :D

...I should really fix those bugs....

Very addictive! 

We both can't stop looking at bunnys :)

Such a cute game, I love the music!

Thank youuuu :)

Very cute relaxing game. Small bug note: When I reached somewhere around 30,000 likes it jumped my likes to -30,000 ish which meant I could no longer buy carrots to feed the bunnies (until I earned another 30K likes without using carrots) 

Thanks for finding that bug. I never expected for people to play for that long :D

A love song of a game

Thats music to my ears :) 

Or how we say in german "Das geht runter wie Öl."

Thank you!

I love it it's absolutely adorable <3 thank you for making this cute relaxing game

Thank you for playing it :3

This is delightful!

Aaawww :) Thank you StarSquash!

the bunnies look like they died when the photo is taken :(


Noooooooo ^^ They turn into likes and teleport behind a random bush :D

No bunnys are getting harmed :)