My entry for the RNDGAME Jam 2020 by Tom Hall

Alien brain parasites are invading earth! The disguised themselves as yummy food to sneak through the food distribution pipeline. You have to use your scanner to find the imposters and stop them with your beam cannon!

But don't waste any food!


  • UP & Down to move the scanner
  • LEFT & Right to move the Beam Cannon
  • X to fire your Beam

How to play

The food needs to reach the bottom of the screen. But if an imposter touches you or the bottom, the game is over. 

You can find the Imposters with your scanner and use the Cannon to destroy them. The more you destroy, the faster you level up. On each level the game gets faster and harder. 

Pssst... There are two secret gamemodes to unlock!

Thanks for playing and have fun!

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Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, PICO-8, Pixel Art, rndgame2020


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This is really cool. It feels really smooth and simple to play. Pretty addicting. I'm going to try and unlock those two gamemodes.

Thanks Saullum :)

Glad you like it!