#hasiconten 1.1 released!

I'm happy to announce that the first update for #hasicontent is now live!

It took me a lot longer than expected, since i didn't had as much time as i hoped. And unfortunately the new game mode is not included in this update. Sorry.

But i managed to improve the game in some spots:

  • The score of the game can now hold much larger numbers. So if you want to play all night, you can do so. No more negative numbers
  • Friends will send you messages after you took a photo of a bunny, to show you how happy you made them :)
  • In case you don't like the spam, you can disable the messages in the menu
  • I've added a "Real Photomode" - Press the button in the menu to pause and disable the phone-UI in the game whenever you snap a bunny, so you can make a screenshot of the photo you just took. Clever, right? Press the photo-button again to continue
  • Annoyed of my poor music skills? Disable the music in the menu 
  • There are white bunnys now aswell in the garden
  • The Like-Effects are now better readable
  • You can see how much likes each bunny got, when you take a photo
  • Improved the object sorting

Thats it for this update. Thank you again for playing and for all the nice feedback :)

In case you encounter any problems, let me know!

I hope you enjoy the update!

See you around :)



hasi1_1_windows.zip 3 MB
39 days ago
hasi1_1_linux.zip 1 MB
39 days ago
hasi1_1_osx.zip 9 MB
39 days ago
hasi1_1_raspi.zip 4 MB
39 days ago
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39 days ago

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